Green Building Blocks: Green Home Certification

The Building Blocks of Green: Green Home Certification

If your home was planned following the green building blocks, it's already well on its way to being a true green home. This building block helps you get definitive, third-party proof that the home you're building truly is green: certification.

There are several third-party organizations that can certify your home project as officially "green." Groups such as the National Association of Home Builders and the U.S. Green Building Council have exhaustive certification programs that carefully assess every aspect of your homes' design and construction; if certain criteria are met, the home is given a green certification. LEED, Energy Star, and the NAHB Green Building Standard are the most popular forms of green home certification. Homes plans offered by Green Home Source are designed to meet our very own ETHOS Home criteria.

LEED for Homes
LEED for Homes

How Green Home Certification Works

The various green home certifications differ slightly in their approach and criteria, but homes built to any of the certification standards will certainly be a very efficient green home. All certification programs require third-party inspections during and after the construction process. These third-party inspectors physically inspect the home construction, including the design, construction techniques, and products used in the home. They don't simply take the word of the builder and homeowner that the home will be green, it must be demonstrated through the inspections as well as in-depth documentation, which is typically taken care of by the designer and/or builder. If a home is certified, the homeowner is given paperwork and often a plaque or certificate designating the home as officially green to be proudly displayed on the home.

Green Home Certification is one of the last Building Blocks to consider when building green for a reason: the difficult and thorough criteria that must be met for a home to be certified can only be met if the homeowner has followed many (if not all) of our Green Building Blocks. A home that isn't A certified green home is not easy to achieve, and if many of the lower building blocks are not followed, a home will find it very difficult to pass the certification process.

Energy Star for Homes
Energy Star for Homes

Green Home Certification by a third-party is often not cheap or easy; the certification process can cost quite a bit, and some homeowners have no problem building a home that would very easily be certified green without bothering to go through with the certification process. It also usually requires hiring a licensed designer and builder with the experience necessary to achieve Green certification. But if you've used our Green Building Blocks to design a world-class green home, and you want to showcase it to friends, family, and neighbors, or simply get proof positive for yourself that it's officially green, a third-party green certification can be a worthwhile endeavor.

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