Walk for Water

Walk for Water is an annual charity fundraiser sponsored by 20 Liters. 20 Liters is an organization that "creates and delivers innovative, human-centered solutions to make clean, safe drinking water for the areas of the world that need it most."

About 20 Liters

From 20 Liters: "Nearly 800 million people—that’s a hard number to fathom. It’s equally hard to put the problem in perspective when we don’t encounter it in day-to-day life.

For us, the problem became very real during a conversation with church leaders in Masaka, Rwanda. There, in June of 2008, 500 people died from a cholera outbreak due to contaminated water. When we asked what the greatest needs were, it was no surprise—clean water topped the list.

From that moment on, we set out to make clean water a reality—20 Liters at a time—in one of the world’s most underserved areas: Sub-Saharan Africa. To do this, we developed a partnership with World Relief Rwanda, leveraging their expertise at mobilizing local churches and teaching water hygiene to school-aged children. We also developed solutions specifically for those along the Nyabarongo River. And we developed methods to empower locals to be the ones leading the change."

Why 'Walk for Water?'

Walk for Water: Water Aid
Chances are, you’ve never had to think about where your next glass of clean water is coming from. Yet nearly 663 million of the world’s poorest people think about it every day as they travel great distances to collect it from the nearest river or swamp. That’s a harsh truth to swallow, isn’t it?

If you’re passionate about creating access to clean water for those without it, you can help by doing something you do every day—walking.

What started as a small event in Zeeland, Michigan is slowly expanding into large Walk for Waters around the Midwest. Click HERE for information on upcoming Walk for Water events, or to simply get information on making a donation. 20 Liters is always looking to get new Walk for Water events up and running, so you can also sign up to organize a Walk in your area!

Why We Can NEVER Take Water for Granted

In many parts of the world, people drink water from a muddy, unsafe source like a river, swamp, or even a mud puddle. More often than not, they have no other choice. As a result, waterborne diseases are the leading cause of death globally for children under the age of five, and half the patients in the world’s hospitals are suffering from diseases related to unsafe water. Yes, you read that correctly. Here are some other facts that make a dirty problem very clear.

Disease Impact:

Collecting Water:

Water Usage:

* World Health Organization Fact Sheet July 2012

Join 20 Liters in helping make the world a little better place for those in need around the world. It's as easy as taking a walk.

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