Spray Foam Insulation Kits

Spray foam is a highly-effective form of insulation for your home. Spray foam provides air-tight protection against air infiltration, and works hard to save energy and money. For an overview of spray foam insulation, see our article here.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer who isn't afraid to get a little dirty, and like to tackle home projects on your own rather than pay a professional to do it, there are spray foam insulation kits available to make installing foam insulation easy.

These all-inclusive kits contain everything necessary to properly apply spray foam insulation into your home's attic spaces or walls. While installing insulation of any kind is always easiest during new home construction, spray foam kits allow you to easily add insulation to an existing home. With the cost of energy skyrocketing, it's always a good time to add insulation.

Foam It Green Spray Foam Insulation Kit

One example of these easy-to-use insulation kits is the Foam it Green professional spray foam insulation kits.

Foam it Green supplies everything you need to create a highly efficient, seamless air barrier in your walls and attics with as little as 1 inch of applied foam. Their foam is simple to spray on; if you can use a garden hose, you can apply Foam it Green foam insulation.

Foam It Green insulation kits are perfect for adding insulation anywhere it's needed: attics, crawlspaces, walls, ductwork, underfloor, filling cinder blocks, you name it.

Foam It Green's spray foam insulation has an R-Value of 6.7 per inch. It can be used as a base in conjunction with other forms of insulation like fiberglass batt, or it can be applied in thicker layers for superior insulation. Foam It Green insulation:

The Foam It Green spray foam insulation kit is easy to learn, and easy to use. In no time, you can add the benefits of professionally-installed insulation, without the high cost.

Foam It Green Insulation Kits are available in different configurations to fit the size of the area you're insulating. The kits come with every needed to do the job right: the foam insulation and applicator, spray hose with nozzles, and extras such as goggles, gloves, protective suit, and more. You'll also receive detailed instructions covering all aspects of the installation. The Energy Efficient Home Insulation Kit, Foam It Green's flagship product, will cover 1,200 square feet at 1 inch for about $1400.

Foam It Green also has comprehensive and easy-to-understand online instructional videos and 24 hour customer service to answer any question you may have.

The Benefits of Foam It Green Spray Foam

While a spray foam insulation kit makes installation easy, dare I say even enjoyable, it's only worthwhile if the finished product is going to perform.

Foam It Green insulation is a high quality product. As mentioned, it has an R-Value of 6.7 per inch of closed cell foam; is STM E-84 Fire Rated, Free of all CFC's, VOC's, Penta-BDE's, and Formaldehyde; and designed for application with no outside power or pressure source.

Common Sense Precautions

As with many home improvement projects, it's important to protect yourself during the installation of Foam It Green spray foam insulation. You will need to wear the supplied Tyvek protective suit, gloves, goggles, and footwear protection (or just old shoes). A fit-tested respirator mask with an organic vapor filter and particulate pre-filter is also required to avoid inhaling any fine particulate foam material. It's also important to be extremely careful when working on ladders.

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