Build A Healthy Home?

Building a Healthy Home
Building a Healthy Home

Those interested in green homes are typically concerned about the state of the world's environment. From climate change to air and water pollution to the loss of biodiversity, there are many ways humans are negatively impacting the health of the earth.

The Healthy Home and Energy Savings:

Building with the health of the planet as a concern is a main goal of a green home, and it's a concern we at Green Home Source take very seriously. A well-planned, well-built green home can drastically reduce one's use of energy, and the corresponding environmental impacts. Reducing energy usage through increased efficiencies and the use of renewable energy sources also reduces the amount of money spent to heat, cool, and light the home.

As critically important as reducing the overall energy usage and environmental impacts are to the planet as a whole, Green Home Source also takes into consideration something even more important: the people actually living in the homes we design.

The Healthy Home And Green Product Selection:

Traditionally built homes that utilize conventional materials can often contain substances that can affect a person's health. Items that are used in literally every home can produce and release gasses and fumes that can cause problems such as allergies and asthma. Paints, varnishes, stains and other interior finishes contain VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) that can cause or exacerbate health problems, and excessive levels of these VOC's have been found to be carcinogenic over long periods of time.

The Healthy Home and Fresh Air & Ventilation:

Newer, traditional homes that have been designed and built improperly can also limit the amount of fresh air that circulates through them, further worsening inside air quality. Gasses such as VOC's are allowed to build up in the home, and stagnant, stale air can lead to mold, another leading cause of serious respiratory ailments.

A Green Home Source home is designed to create a healthy living environment; we spend the vast majority of our time indoors, and we firmly believe that the indoors needs to be as clean and healthy as possible for the benefit of all.

Bathroom ventilation is especially critical. Read our review of the super efficient Panasonic WhisperGreen Vent Fan HERE.

The Healthy Home And VOC's:

Green Home Source designs homes with a focus on healthy indoor living. All of our plans call out specifically for all paints, stains, floor coverings, to have very low or no VOC's. All building materials used in the home must be non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and produce no negative impacts to indoor air quality. Our ultimate goal is always to have the healthiest indoor air quality possible; for materials that aren't available in zero-impact varieties, we will choose the healthiest product possible, and make sure it's installed in the home to have the smallest impact on air quality.

Fresh air is also vital to healthy indoor living. Green Home Source plans are designed for superior air circulation and ventilation. Our home's heating and cooling systems are chosen to be the best for air circulation while at the same time offering the maximum in energy efficiency. Attic spaces are vented properly to eliminate the moisture buildup that can lead to mold issues.

Green Home Source wants everybody to have a beautiful, quality-built home that is everything the homeowner wants it be, while saving the owner energy and money over time. The fact that our green homes work to create healthy indoor living spaces is the icing on the cake.

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