LED Light Fixtures

If you are interested in using a product that involves a rapidly evolving technology and can save you big money on your utility bills, take a good look at LED lighting. These products produce light in a whole new way. When compared to fluorescent and incandescent lighting, which are the standards in lighting technology, LED's are already surpassing their quality and efficiency.

Be sure to look for LED light fixtures that are awarded the Energy Star Label, which means that they must meet strict performance and efficiency standards. LED Lighting that is Energy Star Qualified must meet the following criteria:

But wait a minute, aren't ALL LED's very high efficient and very long-lasting?

Poorly designed LED products can look dim, light unevenly, significantly shift color, flicker, and even continue to use power after the switch is turned off, among other problems after only one year of use.

LED bulbs have been around and in our lives for a very long time. They have been used as indicators in electronics for a number of years, but when it comes to producing color corrected, stable white lighting for general usage - that presented a different set of challenges. Smart design would be the key to their success.

Luckily, there have been a strict set of standards that have been setup for LED light fixtures. They must be tested and pass all of the following characteristics to display the Energy Star Label:

LED Light Fixtures - Ikea Picture Light
LED Light Fixtures - Ikea Picture Light

Just keep in mind that poorly designed LED light fixtures can lead to problems for the consumer. Some of these problems will be immediately observable, and some will occur over time. Also, a poorly designed fixture will offer exaggerated performance claims, but they will fail deliver on their specifications.

So be sure to search for LED light fixtures that are Energy Star qualified to ensure you that the product will meet and exceed all of these strict standards, and give you the ultimate customer experience where you are assured your purchase will perform as claimed.

One source for a great LED picture light fixture is from IKEA. We have purchase a number of these fixtures to serve as both picture lights and night lights for the darker room areas.

You can easily leave these long-lasting lights burning 24/7 as the 14" version consumes 3.2 watts and the 22" version consumes 6 watts.

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