Arcadia Power: Renewable Energy For All

Arcadia Power: Green Home Source
More and more Americans are thinking about renewable energy as solar and wind prices drop and concerns over the climate changing effects of fossil fuels continue to grow. For those without the financial or logistical means to install renewable energy on-site, Arcadia Power is making 100% clean energy an affordable reality.

Humans have been harnessing the power of the wind for thousands of years, from propelling sailboats to windmills for pumping water and milling grain. Since 1979, wind power has increasingly been used to create electricity, replacing polluting fossil fuels such as coal and oil.

Arcadia Power: 100% Clean Energy

Arcadia Power has a very simple mission: to help America transfer to 100% renewable energy as quickly as possible, and as affordably. They allow homeowners, renters, and business owners to easily choose 100% renewable wind energy without the need for installing costly equipment. Using Arcadia Power indicates your desire for a renewable energy future, and helps that dream become a little bit closer to reality.

How Arcadia Power Works

The concept is simple yet effective. You sign up for Arcadia Power. Follow a few simple set-up instructions, and that's it! Nothing changes with how your home or business actually receives its electrical power. You'll still be connected to the grid through your local power utility. You'll still be billed by them for all the energy you use (so using it as efficiently as possible is still the way to go.) So what exactly does Arcadia Power bring to the table? Simple: When you sign up, you'll link your utility account with Arcadia's, so they know how much power you're actually using. Then, through a small surcharge by Arcadia that's linked to your actual energy usage, an equal amount of energy is GUARANTEED to be generated by a clean, renewable wind energy farm.

So...same electricity bill; same reliable grid energy, and a small charge to ensure that an amount of energy equal to what you use is generated renewably. Absolutely nothing changes with the way your home or business is currently powered; the only thing that changes is that Arcadia monitors your usage, then buys an equal amount of clean energy each month.

It's a symbolic, yet completely effective, way to bring about a renewable energy revolution. Arcadia Power works with partner wind farms around the country to create lots of clean power, all supported by the very reasonable surcharge you pay based on your usage.

Arcadia Power: Actual Cost to You

So how much does using Arcadia Power actually cost? As mentioned, they charge you a small amount based on your actual usage. You still pay whatever your power company charges you. There's no getting around that; Arcadia Power "offer a flat-price premium of $0.015 per kWh for 100% Wind Energy in all states except for Oregon and Washington state ($0.01 per kWh) and Virginia ($0.012 per kWH). For example, if your local utility bill is 500 kWh and costs $70, you would pay $77.50 ($70 + $0.015 x 500) for 100% Wind Energy with Arcadia Power."

Details, Details, Details

Arcadia Power is available for anyone who pays for electricity. (So, probably you.) There's no contract to sign. You can drop Arcadia at anytime. Signing up (HERE) takes just a couple minutes.

Arcadia Power is third-party certified. They are green-e Energy certified, and Arcadia meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at

Arcadia Power IS Making a Difference

While renewable energy is growing rapidly, the fact is that most of the nation's power still comes from dirty coal and gas sources. By choosing to support cleaner energy options with Arcadia Power, you're making a stand for a greener future. According to Arcadia:

The utility sector in the US uses more water than any other (more than agriculture) and creates more pollution than any other (more than transportation). To produce the average home's electricity requires over 5000 gallons of water and produces over 16,000 pounds of CO2, every year. With clean energy, those numbers go to zero.

Every month we provide our customers with a statement showing the difference you're making by using clean energy.

In addition to lowering your carbon footprint with Arcadia Power, members have other benefits as well, such as earning exclusive points to enjoy deals from various sustainable brands, as well as a helpful energy dashboardto help you become more efficient, as well as learning more about the renewable projects you're supporting.

To learn more, or to sign up for Arcadia Power, click right HERE!



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