Water Conservation Tips

New innovation in water-efficient products are making conservation easier for homeowners; the EPA's WaterSense program identifies these products, which use at least 20% less water than similar items.

It doesn't take a house full of new fixtures and appliances to save water; there are hundreds of ways, big and small, to save water at home; not only do they save water and money, but most are very inexpensive or free to implement!

Here is a small list of ideas to help you save water around your house. Many of these suggestions have been floating around (pun intended) for quite awhile, but make so much sense they bear repeating.

Water Conservation Tips - Saving Water In The Home

The Bathroom: Most of a typical family's water usage takes place in the bathroom. Luckily, some simple steps can lead to dramatic savings.

Water Conservation Tips - The Toilet

Water Conservation Tips - The Shower and Bath

Americans love long, hot showers. At least the Americans living in my house do. To save water while bathing, consider the following:

Water Conservation Tips - The Sink

Water Conservation Tips - The Kitchen

Water Conservation Tips - The Laundry

Always check for and fix leaky faucets throughout the home; even small leaks can add up to huge water waste. These are just a few ways to save water in the house; use your imagination and creativity to come up with some unique ideas of your own!

For additional water conservation tips for the landscape, be sure to visit our website: Green Home Landscape Source.

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