Green on the Go

Mackinac Island

As creators of energy-efficient homes, we are constantly striving to incorporate more products and design features that reduce, sometimes even eliminate, the amount of energy and water necessary to live comfortably at home. But what about when we're not at home? Being 'green' on the go can be a challenge, but it's not impossible.

Our focus at Green Home Source is obviously on the home. It's where most people spend the vast amount of their time (aside from the workplace), and is the logical place to focus our attention to environmental sustainability - 'being green.'

Don't Leave 'Green' at Home: Take It With You!

In this section of Green Home Source, we examine some tips and ideas that will help you and your family keep your carbon footprint as small as possible when you're out and about. Often, the high environmental standards we hold ourselves to take a hit on the road in the name of convenience. Unfortunately, that convenience, even over short periods of time, takes a huge environmental toll. The good news? things don't necessarily need to be this way.

There are lots of things you can do personally to "take your green" with you wherever you go. The even better news? Many businesses are realizing that helping their customers stay green often leads to more 'green' for them in the form of higher profits.

Ready? Pack your bags and let's go!

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Destination #3: Smartphone Energy Usage

Destination #4: Reducing Air Travel

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