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ETHOS Green Home Plans
The ETHOS Home

The ETHOS Home: The Efficiently Thought-out Home, Operating Sustainably

What is a 'green home', exactly? It's a home that saves energy, to be sure. A home that uses recycled and recyclable materials in its construction....OK, we'll give you that. But it's so much more than just incorporating some environmentally-friendly items into an otherwise conventional home plan.

Home construction is no longer 'just' building a home. With the pressing environmental issues we face today, we can no longer afford to just slap up a house and call it good. Home construction is now building science...... all parts of a home working in unison to create a structure that is more than simply a roof over your head, but a structure that creates a unified front to minimize the entire home's environmental impact.

Gen1 Architectural Group has created the 'ETHOS' Home System, a unique set of criteria that we apply to each and every home we design, regardless of its size. These mandatory home requirements create a structure that is an 'Efficiently Thought-out Home, Operating Sustainably.' It's our guarantee that the homes we create are at the forefront of environmentally-sustainable, energy-efficient design in all areas, as well as quality-built to last for generations.

The 'ETHOS' Criteria

Every custom home plan we design comes with the ETHOS mandatory requirements built-in, and laid out in the home plan's information to clearly show you exactly how each requirement will be implemented, and why it's critical to the overall 'greening' of the home. Here are some of the ways our ETHOS home designs contribute to a superior green home:

All of the construction methods called for in our ETHOS homes must meet or exceed the minimum standards of the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code. This applies to ceiling, floor, wall, and attic insulation; exterior doors, foundations,

All heating, cooling, appliances, doors & windows, and lighting in our ETHOS homes must meet or exceed the latest national and regional Energy Star program requirements for maximum efficiency. All paints, finishes, and adhesives require the use low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to preserve interior air quality.

An ETHOS home plan is a blueprint for a green home built with unsurpassed attention to quality and beauty, with an unflinching commitment to conserving energy, resources, and money.

ETHOS Homes: A First Step Towards a Greener World

The green homes that we design following the ETHOS mandatory home requirements are a significant first step towards reducing your personal impact on the environment. But your journey to environmental sustainability shouldn't end once you move into your new green home.

We should all be taking steps to protect and sustain our earth's natural beauty and resources. Investing in a quality green home is obviously a large step in the right direction, but there are many more things we as individuals can do in our daily lives; from simple steps like recycling or buying organic foods, to larger investments such as buying a hybrid or electric vehicle, or powering your home with renewable energy from the wind or the sun.

These are our core beliefs; they guide us in our home designs, and they guide us in our personal lives. We are thrilled to share them with you.

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