Comparing Utilities

E;lectric Meter

Nobody likes going to the mailbox and fishing out a pile of bills, but they are a necessity of life. Electricity, gas, phone, cable……. the list seems to go on forever. Consumers who wish to reduce the amount of money paid to utility companies are wise to do some shopping around to find utility companies in their area that may offer lower rates. Green consumers who want to save money and energy have an additional step in looking for utilities that offer renewable energy plans.

Many areas of the country have had their utilities deregulated, offering customers a choice in companies that supply energy. That power to choose often leads to companies offering very competitive rates for their product. Even in areas with regulated power utilities, there are often special promotions or bundled service packages that can offer lower rates.

Finding a Competitive Utility Rate

Finding a more affordable utility isn't always easy, but luckily the power of the internet is making it easier. A new website,, allows customers nationwide the ability to search for better rates in a variety of services.

Finding a Green Utility

Todays' green homeowners not only want low energy bills, they want renewable energy whenever possible. For more information on energy suppliers that offer renewable energy programs, read our article here.

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